Für eine Abschlussausstellung der der Neuen Schule für Fotografie, Berlin habe ich den Titel entwickelt, den Ausstellungskatalog in Form einer Box mit Leporellos und die Außengestaltung der Galerie übernommen.



In this project I developed the title, the concept organising the print media, and the Art direction. The title ”Open“ makes associations with such terms as: open mind, open end, invitation, variety, open to interpretation. Therefore the CD colour is unfixed, and all elements can utilize different colours or backgrounds.

The opened corners on the cover of the concertina folders symbolize the title. This corner itself produces a triangle form then incorporated throughout the other elements.

The methodology of the project was: I had invited the photographers to formulate their own cover ideas. It was an experiment as to whether this principle would function within the project guidelines. I had designed a template that featured only the typography.

Had the students outcomes not worked well I would have stepped in to assist with solutions together. However it felt important for the organization to progress in as open a manner as possible, and to allow the students to work maturely on developing a project.